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The year was 2004, a gallon of gas cost $2.10, Shrek 2 had just released, and Ronald Reagan was dead. In a small garage, in the then tiny town of Preskitt, Arizona, a young(ish) Jason Grossman was haphazardly forming what – unbeknownst to him – would someday become your favorite local print shop: MadShirtz (hey, that’s us!). After 6 years Jason had outgrown the garage: word of mouth had transformed his side project of printing for himself and his friends into a full-blown business venture. In order to fulfill the many requests for custom print orders, Jason opened his first brick-and-mortar location on West Gurley St. Enter: MadShirtz LLC.


Sixteen years and what feels like half a million t-shirts later, we find ourselves in our new state-of-the-art showroom, just down the road from where we first started. Our wonderful (and slightly crazy) staff has a combined experience in all things printed of over 40 years. As the industry grows and new printing technology is introduced, you can rest assured that here at MadShirtz, we’ll be keeping up with all of the new developments so that we can continue to print anything and everything for our loyal and future clients.

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