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How much do shirts cost?

We wish there was an easy answer, but unfortunately, there isn’t one. The cost of custom-decorated shirts varies based on a number of different factors. So, the easiest way to get a price is to get in touch with us!

What are your minimums?

It depends – there are no minimums for direct-to-garment printing or embroidery, you could order 1 or 100 or 2,000! Silk screen, paper products, and promo products do have minimums though. Check out our different product pages to see what each product requires.

Can I get anything printed?

Pretty much! There aren’t many things we can’t do, given enough time (and enough money). If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the site, get in contact with us and we’ll let you know what we find!

Can I get my shirt today?

Most likely, no – our typical turnaround time is 2 weeks from the date an order has both been paid for and approved to print. Custom work takes time! But let us know what your circumstances are and what your deadline is and we’ll do our best to help (unless you’re mean to us).


Which is better: direct-to-garment or silkscreen?

Both are excellent print technologies. We will help you decide which option best fits your needs based on your artwork, deadline, and budget. 

Can you ship my order?

Absolutely! We are happy to ship any and all items within the United States, and potentially internationally. We will let you know what the shipping cost is when the order is complete and we are ready to ship it. Once the full balance, including shipping cost, has been paid your order will be sent out promptly.

Can you deliver my order?

We wish we had enough staff and time to offer delivery to all of our wonderful clients, but unfortunately, it is not a standard service.

Will you decorate a shirt/jacket/hat/tire cover if I bring it in myself?

Sometimes – it really depends on what you want decorated.

Firstly, all client provided garments must be clean and new. Please do not bring us garments that are covered in dirt, pet fur, or anything, really. We are not a laundromat – garments are not washed at any point in any decorating process.


DTG: The direct-to-garment printing process requires a minimum of 60% cotton or other natural fiber to produce a viable print. Garments with anything like stain-release or weather protective coatings cannot be printed on. We can print DTG on items made of linen, denim, hemp, and plenty of other materials, but the more “plastic-y” the fabric, the more difficult it is to print.


Silkscreen: Most garments and fabrics, including 100% polyester, can be printed with silkscreen (keep in mind the 12 item minimum). Materials with stain-release, water repellant, or any other coatings cannot be printed on. We cannot silkscreen headwear or anything else that cannot lay flat.


Embroidery: Virtually anything can be embroidered from shirts & jackets to hats, bags, and tire covers! There are some size limitations, so we evaluate client-provided embroidery orders on a case-by-case basis.


There is a $1 per garment handling fee for all client-provided garments.


Can I order online?

As of right now, we do not have an online ordering process available. We can provide quotes through our online quote form, but all final invoices must be created directly through MadShirtz staff.

Do you keep my card on file?

Nope! We cannot be trusted with that information – plane tickets to Costa Rica are really cheap.

Can I pay with cash/check/over the phone?

Yes! We prefer check or cash (because we don’t have to pay fees on those). All checks should be made out to MadShirtz. We do accept all major credit and debit cards as well.

Art & Design

Can I use this image I found on the internet?

Maybe, but most images found online are not created for print purposes – and we would really rather not recreate something someone else spent their time designing. We’ll gladly help you create an original design, and references are always helpful, but we do not recommend stealing from artists.

How do I get my artwork to you?

The easiest way to get artwork to us is to email it directly, but you can also bring it in on a flash drive (though we cannot guarantee we’ll remember to give it back – that’s on you). Please – please, for the love of all things holy – do not send us a screenshot from your phone and not expect us to laugh at you.

Can you recreate this concert tee that I got in 1979?

Uhh, maybe? Sometimes we can do magic, but most of the time we do science, and science cannot guess what used to be on a shirt that you’ve washed 1000 times. When we can do magic, we just require that you have the legal right to use the artwork.

Will you print "unsavory" art or text?

As printers, we firmly support the first amendment and you’d be hard pressed to offend any of us with just about anything you want printed. We’ve seen some things. However, we will not print anything that denotes hate speech or insights violence. We reserve the right to refuse any order for any reason. It very rarely happens (we’re not that rude).

Still have questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions
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