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Direct to Garment

Direct to garment printing is a digital print process that allows for high color art and low quantities to be produced. It’s basically just like your home printer, but much bigger and more expensive…and cooler! With our DTG printer we can print literally anything (except that tiny, blurry, copyrighted image you found online), on one shirt or a thousand!


    • Full color printing capabilities
    • No set-up fees
    • No minimum quantity
    • Requires at least 60% cotton
    • No polyester garments
    • Max print area: 14″W x 16″H

Direct to Garment Print Cost

*The following pricing does NOT include blank garments*

Light Colors

Uses no white ink

1 $27.00
3 $21.00 ea
5 $16.00 ea
10 $13.00 ea
20 $11.00 ea
50 $8.75 ea
100 $7.75 ea

Additional prints

$2.00 per location

Dark Colors

Uses white ink

1 $29.00
3 $23.00 ea
5 $18.00 ea
10 $15.00 ea
20 $13.00 ea
50 $10.75 ea
100 $9.75 ea

Additional prints

$4.00 per location

No Screen Fees, Set-up Charges, or Minimums for Print Ready Art on DTG


Art Services are available for $60 per hour in 1/4 hour increments

Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is the best option for high quantities and low color counts. Looking to get you per shirt price down? Silk screen. Only have one color in your design? Silk screen. Planning a big event with giveaway shirts? Silk screen. We can print complex, full color design idea you’ve been dreaming of, but keeping it simple with silk screen will keep the costs down!

About Silk Screen

    • Minimum quantity of 12/print
    • Ideal for low color count
    • Ideal for high quantities
    • $30 screen fee per color ($20 for re-orders placed within 6 months)
    • No garment material limitations
    • Full color process option

Poly DTG Printing

Poly DTG is a digital printing process that allows printing on 100% polyester garments where silkscreen or vinyl applique  is not an option, or the minimum garment quantity is below 12.  This is your best option if you’re determined to have a full color design printed on a small quantity of polyester garments. This is the most expensive print process we offer, so if you’re looking to keep your cost down, consider one of our other decoration options.

About Poly DTG

    • Full color printing capabilities
    • No minimum quantity
    • $25 set-up fee per print per order
    • 100% polyester only

Other Services


Embroidery is our most versatile decoration option and can be done on most items regardless of the fabric content. The cost of embroidery is based on the number of stitches in the final embroidery files. We are happy to give an estimate on any embroidery orders prior to digitizing, but the final cost may vary based on the final number of stitches in the design, and you can’t be mad at us if we’re wrong (we’re not computers, after all).

About Embroidery

    • No minimum quantity
    • No fabric material limitations
    • One-time, $35 digitizing fee
    • Final cost based on total stitch count
    • Variety of thread color options
    • No thread color change fees


We also offer many varieties of embroidered patches. Patches are most affordable when ordered in high quantities, but do not all have to be applied to garments at one time. Ask us about full embroidery, 75% embroidery, woven, photo, leather, or PVC patches, and the many ways they can be applied to many things.

Oki Laser Print & Vinyl Appliques

Yes, we print with “LASERS.” No, it’s not as cool as it sounds, but it is another great option for decorating garments. Oki laser printing and our two vinyl applique technologies are great for hats and bags, and the vinyl technologies are great for everything else. 

About Oki Laser Prints

    • Full color printing capabilities
    • No set up fees
    • Low cost, high quality
    • Not optimal for garments that are washed frequently

About Vinyl Appliques

    • Printed and cut options available
    • No set up fees
    • Low cost, high quality
    • Wide variety of vinyl colors including metallic or glittery
    • Great for polyester/jerseys

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